Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Inspired to change

Since seeing Food Inc. last weekend, we've made some changes. (Yes, it was that powerful!)

  • We've decided to be more conscious of what we purchase and from whom. I found a local organic farm where we can purchase any produce we need that we do not have in our garden. This means that any produce, eggs or honey I buy are being grown 2.5 miles from my house. Talk about local. I also met the farmer who owns the farm, it's nice to know where you food is coming from.
  • We are cutting back on our meat eating. And free-ranging it otherwise.
  • I am limiting what frozen foods I purchase, and will be super picky about which ones I do.
  • I have finally found and decided on a perfect graduate school program for me. I had been up in the air about various Journalism schools, but I discovered NYU's Food Studies MA program. This program was made for me! I will be applying next year.


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