Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Breaking the bottled water habit!

Really, is it absolutely necessary for you to keep buying bottled water?
No, it is not.

You are paying waaay too much for it. Yes it may *Only be a dollar for a bottle*, but at $1 for a 16 oz. bottle that's about $8 a gallon that your spending. Most of that bottled water you're paying for is the same water that comes out of your sink. According to the SCWA if you live in suffolk you pay about $1.46 for 1,000 gallons. And you bitch about the price of gas!

That plastic bottle that is sitting on the floor of your car empty is going to sit in a landfill much much longer. How long i dont know exactly but im sure its will be around longer that you will, and probably your grandkids too.
Plus plastic leaches crap into your water, which tastes nasty. Do yourself a favor and buy a Sigg bottle, they are made of metal and your water will only taste like water. Not chemicals. Get one here: Sigg

Water is becoming like oil. We're in for a shortage. Of all the worlds water about 3% is fresh water which is drinkable. Of that 3% about 2% is tied up in frozen glaciers, and about .5% has been consumed. Leaving about .5% for now. Thats not very much, so use it wisely, don't waste, and don't continue to keep telling Corporate America that you are cool with paying $8 a gallon for water, because you may have to in the future!

Last January Matt and I bought Sigg bottles for about $24 bucks each.
We used to buy the 1.5 Liter bottles for about $2.00 each.
2 a day x 5 days a week= 10 bottles a week
10 bottles a week x 4 weeks a month= 40 bottles a month
40 bottles a month x 10 months so far= 400 bottles so far that we have kept out of the garbage. And we saved $750 so far by not buying bottled water! We have a built in water filter in our fridge, and also a Brita, both are great.

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