Monday, November 17, 2008

Omnivore's 100: #65 Durian

On my break today I went to check my email and facebook. When I went to facebook I found this message from my friend Christy:

hey lauri are u free tmr? i bought u durian, the no. 65 on the omnivore's hundred:)

I immediately left her back a message and texted her to get the durian. My mind was racing, how bad would it smell, would I hurl? Would people run away from me after I ate it? Christy had to get the durian from her friends car, where it had been hiding for the day. 1 Min. before my next class I see Christy calling and I run out and there she is with my Durian. Wrapped up in a bag. It smells she tells me. She also lets me know that I can freeze it if I dont finish it and want to save it. And that if I get it on my hands they will smell for a bit. Just as I was walking back to class with the Durian I saw my friend Cynthia. Poor Cynthia, little did she know when she woke up today she would be peer pressured into eating the stinky fruit. But she was in! We had a plan. After class we were going to get forks and sit outside and try this. We also thought of over places we could put the Durian to freak people out by the smell. We parked it on a picnic table outside and started. We opened the bags and the smell started to hit us. Once we opened the plastic and the box it came in it was'nt that bad. We each took a forkful and counted to three. I also held my nose, just in case. Not bad we decided. We tried to figure it out. Mangos for sure. Very creamy/custardy like. We tasted something else out couldn't put out fingers on it. Then Cynthia figured that it was mango+shrimp shumai= durian. Overall not bad. We discussed ways we could cook it and make it better. Cheesecake, pudding, a sweet bread. After I saw my friend Haruka called her over to try the Durian. As she was walking over she stopped about three yards away. She said she could smell it. She tried it, we all liked it, but not loved it.
After we left I texted Christy and asked what I could make with it. She said ice cream , put it on cake, make pancakes with it. And creme puffs. Creme Puffs. Mhhh. So the Durian is in the freezer awaiting it's fate in the form of creme puffs.